16 Sep

The Survivability Of Blame


The ugly truth about blame is we humans tend to view the world from the dualistic perspective of me here, you there. Perhaps a leftover from ancient survivability hard wiring, but it is time to shift gears. That separation thinking … continue...

07 Jul

The Great Energy Drain


When the pain of changing is less then the pain of staying where you are, you’ll change. Your reptilian brain will kick in. Survivability is a must.

If your refrigerator is empty, eventually you’ll go out or call for delivery,… continue...

22 May

Is It Really That Bad?


When something unexpectedly goes awry, our monkey minds have the tendency
to frame it in a stuck negative position… as if it will always be that way!  Crazy huh?

Take for instant food poisoning or strep throat. It is an … continue...